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April 27 2017

Arrest after incident in Whitehall

Armed officers detain a man near Parliament, with a witness saying he saw two knives on the ground.

Brexit: Chancellor Merkel warns UK on scope of talks with EU

Angela Merkel says the future UK-EU relationship can only be discussed once exit issues are resolved.

Mike Samwell car theft death: Two more arrests

Mike Samwell was fatally injured as he tried to prevent thieves from stealing his car outside his home.

Broken Rainbow: 'Chaotic' LGBT charity received £1.4m in grants

The collapse of Broken Rainbow has similarities to that of Kids Company, an official report says.

Couple die as car plunges into canal in Bristol

It is believed the driver lost control after suffering a suspected medical episode.

Teen admits planning 'London bomb attack'

Haroon Syed plotted an attack possibly targeting an Elton John concert in Hyde Park.

Johnson: Difficult to say 'no' to Syria strike

Boris Johnson says it would be hard for the UK to refuse help but Jeremy Corbyn says he would ask the UN to step in.

Diane Louise Jordan speaks out against harassment orders

The Songs of Praise presenter said her career had suffered after she was wrongly accused of harassment.

Homicide and knife crime rates 'up in England and Wales'

The total number of recorded crimes in England and Wales rose by 9% in 2016, figures show.

Spurs fan attacks fellow supporter in 'Chelsea mix-up'

Spurs fan Michael Voller suffered a broken skull and damage to his cheekbone and eye-socket.

Test may spot glaucoma before symptoms begin, study says

A simple eye test could lead to earlier detection of a condition causing irreversible sight loss.

V&A museum plans to revive design skills

A schools project is launched to fill the gap in creating a new generation of designers.

Concerns raised over students' unions' anti-Israel stance

Students' unions' support for a pro-Palestinian group is being assessed by the Charity Commission.

Government accounts 'need to prove value for money'

Parliamentary committee says departmental accounts are not designed for "democratic scrutiny".

April 26 2017

Plain tobacco packaging 'may cut smokers by 300,000 in UK'

A study review gives its best estimate of how standard packs could impact on smoking.

British High Commission helps gay couples marry in Australia

Gay couples can't get married under Australian law, but hundreds of gay weddings have taken place since 2014 using British law, with the help of the British High Commission.

General election 2017: Labour leader a 'mugwump', says Johnson

The foreign secretary says Jeremy Corbyn presents a threat to UK interests around the world.

Ebook sales drop as readers favour non-fiction books

Total book sales including physical and digital books rose 6% to £3.5bn, propped up by non-fiction.

TV drama and the weak pound set the scene for holidaymakers

UK small screen drama could be almost as attractive as the weaker pound when it comes to attracting tourists, a study suggests.

George Monbiot: Kick the big money out of politics

In this Viewsnight, writer and activist George Monbiot argues we need a new system for funding politics.
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